MyMo is not just video content, it’s about getting the right moments,


We all know to get the right moments you need...

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We can’t help with the Drinks

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a own Video channel full of right Moments? Transporting your Brand Values as best, simple, instant and honest.

This is where your MyMo Channel kicks in.

What is MyMo?


MyMo works with short video clips of maximum 15 seconds – and is all about chronological timeline.

How it works

Capture “the Moments”!

Capture the good moments and upload your clips to the MyMo Channel.

Moderate Playlists

It’s all about your Brand Value and Communication. Select your favourite moments for your MyMo channel.

Stream & Share it

Stop brand delution on 3rd party Platforms. Get your customers back to your Website.


Finding MyMo Interesting?

Give your Videos the right exposure today!